Notification of Involvement of Health Employees in Quackery 2020

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Health Authority Bhakkar has issued the official Notification letter on 10th January, 2020 in connection with involvement of health employees in Quackery regarding complaint received through Pakistan Citizen Portal (PMDU) vide complaint code (PU311219-6143063) dated on 31-12-2019.

This office has received a complaint through Prime Minister Complaint Cell (PMDU) vide Complaint code (PU311219-6143063) DATED ON 31-12-2019. in which Ills stated that some employees of Health Department District Bhakkar i.e Nurses, LHVs, Midwives, Health Technicians, Dispensers and other supportive staff including Watchman and computer Operators are involved in quackery.

In this regard you are hereby directed to investigate the matter in depth to the extent of your concerned health facility about involvement of health employees in quackery (if any) and submit a certificate to the effect that above said employees are not involved in such kind of quackery.

If any employees is found involved in quackery, the name of said employee should be intimated to the undersigned for taking appropriate disciplinary action against him under PEEDA Act 2006.

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