Notification of Lethargic Attitude of Focal Persons

Directorate of Public Instruction (Elementary Education) Punjab has issued the official letter on 6th March, 2020 in connection with Notification of lethargic attitude of focal persons regarding submission of information of finalized / pending disciplinary cases.

Your personal attention is invited to this Directorate Memo No. 1045/Admn(M-III) dated 25-02-2020, vide which it was requested to nominate a focal persons at least BS-17, officer competent and vigilant in connection with submission the detail of pending and finalized disciplinary cases of the District.

After nomination of focal persons and intimation from you side a meeting with focal persons was arranged in this Directorate on 02.03.2020 to clear their concept and any confession in filling the requisite proforma (received from School Education Department).

The meeting was attended by all focal persons except from District Khushab. To make it clear that all participants are given adequate time for discussion regarding filling up the proforma, the meeting was divided / arranged in three sessions and 12-focal persons were given brief on the agenda.

It is regretted to say that not a single focal person has responded positively and in time on the directions conveyed during meeting and despite repeated requests telephonically they failed to provide accurate information of finalized / pending disciplinary cases.

You are requested to issue warning to focal person and if vacancy he may be replaced. Please take necessary action under intimation to this Directorate.

Notification of Lethargic Attitude of Focal Persons

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