Notification of MEAs Monthly School Monitoring Routine 2021

The notification of MEAs monthly school monitoring routine 2021 has been forwarded to all the Deputy Commissioners/Administrators DEAs and District Monitoring Officers in Punjab.

MEA Monthly Schools Monitoring Instructions 2021

I am directed to refer letter dated 18th November, 2020 issued by Programme Director (PMIU-PESRP) on the subject cited above, wherein he intimated that Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (M&EAs) gather the data of public schools pertaining to various fields/indicators assigned to them by School Education Department / PMIU-PESRP.

It has been noticed that M&EAs are continuously being engaged by the District Administration in various activities i.e. Polio campaigns, Price checking etc. which is hampering the data gathering activities of the schools, which is their primary responsibility.

In light of above, I am further directed to request you that M&EAs only be assigned to their core responsibility i.e. monitoring of public schools on given indicators, so that timely monitoring data is available for our future use.

Notification of MEAs Monthly School Monitoring Routine 2021

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