Notification of Pay Package to FIA Employees on the Pattern of NAB

Prime Minister’s Office, Islamabad has issued the official Notification letter on 2nd March, 2020 in connection with Notification of pay package to FIA employees on the pattern of NAB.

The Prime Minister has seen and is pleased to approve the proposal contained in para 12 read with para 13 of the summary.

Authorization of Pay Package to FIA Employees 2020

Authorization of Pay Package to FIA Employees 2020

The matter has been reviewed in consultation with DG, FlA. The FIA has informed(Annex-J) that the work scope of FIA has not only become multidimensional but also increased manifold.

The mandate of FIA includes investigation of corruption, money laundering, cyber and economic crime, human trafficking, terror financing, intellectual property rights, eradication of organized crime.

FIA has also been assigned investigation of mega financial scams worth billions of rupees and recent amendments in NAB Law are likely to add more workload to FIA, as many cases currently being Investigated by NAB are to be taken up by FIA in near future. The initiatives undertaken by FIA against terror financing are going to be instrumental In bringing Pakistan out of FATF Grey List.

Para-12. In view of the above facts, the Finance Division proposes that Special Allowance @ 60% of BPS-2011 already granted to Immigration Wing of FIA may be withdrawn and grant of following additional allowances to all employees of FIA may be considered by the Prime Minister;

(i). FIA Allowance @20% of the running basic pay

(ii). Utility Allowance @ 25% of the running basic pay

(iii). Investigation Allowance@ 60% of the running basic pay

(iv). Anti-organized Crime Allowance @ 50% of the running basic pay.

Para-13.The additional financial Impact is estimated to be around Rs. 2.6 billion per annum, which would be met from the already allocated budget for the current financial year. The funds for the FY 2020-21 may be provided in the FIA’s budget for 2020-21.

Notification of Pay Package to FIA Employees on the Pattern of NAB

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