Notification of Provision of Personal Files of Gazetted Staff Sanction Strength

Office of the District Accounts Officer Rawalpindi has issued the official Notification letter on 2nd March, 2020 in connection with provision of personal files of gazetted staff sanction strength.

It is intimated that previously all the non-gazetted staff was pre-audited in DA section and Gazetted staff in GAD section. Now as per the direction of worthy Accountant General Punjab Pay Rolls have been established in District Accounts Office Rawalpindi where gazetted and non-gazetted staff will be pre-audited by the same officer of District Accounts Office Rawalpindi.

The new system of Pay Roll will definitely help in clearing the honorable teachers personal claims smoothly and non salary claims relating to the drawing and disbursing officer.

Although the dealing staff of the Pay Roll will have to work hard in preparing the new Pay Roll registers. However, your cooperation will help a great deal to smooth and increase the working capacity of this office.

IT is requested may be issued to provide the personal files of gazetted staff pertaining to each DDO code and the sanction strength of all staff teaching and non-teaching within 3 days.

Provision of Personal Files of Gazetted Staff Sanction Strength

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