Notification of Upgradation of Posts in KPK 2021

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued the official notification on 28th May 2021 in connection with upgradation of posts from BPS-01 to BPS-16 on the analogy of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).


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Upgradation of Employees From BPS-01 to BPS-16 KPK

The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division’s O.M. No. 907)R1/2014-152/2021 dated 220 April 2021 on the subject noted above and to enclose herewith Management Services Wing’s U.O. No. 1/1/2019-DG-1 dated 25.05.2021 with regard to points (a) and (b) of the above referred O.M. of Finance Division. With regard to point(e), it is stated that according to a policy of up-gradation/re-designation of the posts in BPS-1 to BPS-19 are to be decided by the Finance Division.


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However, the decision about the proposed up-gradation/re-designation of posts in BS-1 to BS-19 will be taken at the level of the Secretary Finance Division and the Secretary Establishment Division.


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All Ministries/Divisions/Departments across the board is an important policy decision having a wide impact at the level of Federal Government, therefore, specific approval of the Prime Minister is required under rule 15(1)(a) of the Rules of Business, 1973 according to which all important policy decisions are required to be taken at the level of Prime Minister, Views/comments in this regard has already been tendered by this Division vide O.M. No. 1/13/96-R-6 dated 12.04.2021. Therefore, Finance Division may move a comprehensive Summary for the Prime Minister through Establishment Division by incorporating the point of view of this Division as well as the Finance Division.

Notification of Upgradation of Posts in KPK 2021

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