NTN/CNIC Should Appear on Your Monthly Gas Bill

As per the directives of the Government of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue and in pursuant of the Finance Act 2019, SSGC is required to report NTN/CNIC of its customers on their monthly gas bills. Does your correct NTN/CNIC appear on your monthly gas bill?

If not, then immediately:

• Get it corrected from your nearest SSG( Customer Facilitation Centre (CFC).

• SMS your Customer ID along with NTN/CNIC on 9202.

• Please see SSGC advertisements in leading newspapers for submitting required details.


• Registering correct NTN/CNIC on your Gas Bill is your ethical and legal responsibility.

• Wrong number registration may effect your Gas Connection.

• Kindly cooperate with SSGC staff collecting information from door to door.

NTNCNIC Appear on Your Monthly Gas Bill

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