Objective Questions on Anglo Norman Period

Objective Questions on Anglo Norman Period

Objective questions on Anglo Norman period prepared for M.A, M.Phil, CSS, FPSC, PPSC, PCS, Teachers and Lecturer entry tests & other competitive examination 2020.

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The Anglo-Saxon King was defeated by Normans who were residing in Normandy (France) at the Battle of Hastings (1066) and conquered England. After that the Middle English or Anglo-Norman Period started.

Short Questions & Answers





Middle English Period means

Belonging to the Middle ages or Medieval times in the History of Britain.


Difference between two periods Anglo-Saxon period and Anglo-Norman period is

The disappearance of the old English poetry


In Anglo Norman period the language used were

Clergy insisted on Latin while nobility on french


The most popular form of literature during the middle English period



Romances mostly borrowed from Latin and French sources
6 Romances deal with the stories of

King Arthur, The war of Troy, the mythical doings of Charlemagne and of Alexander the Great.


The plays very popular in middle ages were Miracle and morality plays
8 Miracle play is

The play begin with the creation of man, his fall and banishment from the Garden of Eden and extending through the more important matters of the old testament life of Christ in the new to the Summoning of the quicle and the deal on the day of final judgment.


Miracle plays flourished throughout England From the reign of Henry II to that of Elizabeth (1154-1603)
10 Morality plays are

The struggle between the powers of gods and evil for the mastery of the soul of man.


The distinguishing male of the moral play is


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 William Langland (1332-1386) West Midland, United Kingdom


One of the greatest poets of the middle Ages was

William Langland


A vision of Piers the plowman, poem written by

William Langland


William Langland was A satiric poet
16 Character assumed by Langland were

Prophet, denouncing the sins of society and encouraging men to aspire to a higher life.

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