Officers Residencia Project PHA Islamabad Layout Plan Revised

It is notified for information of allottees / transferees / Members of PHA Officer’s Residencia project located in Kurri Road, Zone-IV, Islamabad housing scheme, proposed/launched by M/s PHA Foundation, Ministry of Housing and Works that the layout Plan of the scheme was approved by the Authority vide their office Letter No. CDA/PLW/RP-2(943)/2011/406 DATED 28-05-2012 and NOC for launching the project and starting the developments works in the scheme according to the approved layout Plan.

Now the sponsor/s of the scheme has proposed amendments in the original layout plan regarding relocation of total 13 No’s of houses (10 No’s of Cat-III 30×60 [comprising plot Nos. 682,683,684,685,686,687,688,689,690,691] and 3 houses of Cat-II 40×80 [comprising plot Nos. 243,256,257]) due to encroachment issues and filling area (not natural land) faced during the execution of the project with following details is printed below:-

Officers Residencia Project PHA Islamabad Layout Plan Revised

The Original allottees / transferees / Members of the scheme being affected by the proposed revision of the scheme as indicated above are requested to submit their objections/claims for the satisfactory resolution of the same on prescribed Performa available on CDA’s / housing scheme’s website and in this office, to the sponsors of the scheme with a copy of the same to the undersigned within 15 days of the issuance of this Public Notice failing which it will be assumed that you have no objections on the proposed scheme. PHA-F assures all allottees /members of the scheme regarding usage of land as per COA’s permissible limits.

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