One Plot One Employee Policy 2023 FGEHA [BPS-01 To BPS-22]

The Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Housing and Works issued the latest notification on 2nd March 2023 in connection with One Plot One Employee Policy 2023 FGEHA (Federal Government Employees Housing Authority) for BPS-01 to BPS-22. One Plot One Employee is a policy which refers to the practice of allotting one plot of land to each employee of an organization. The purpose of this policy is to provide a long-term benefit to employees, particularly in cases where they may not have access to affordable housing or other assets.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that a decision approved by Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on 22 February, 2023 that:- “Public/ government servants shall not be allotted more than one plot with immediate effect

Federal Employees One Plot Policy 2023 BPS-01 to BPS-22

In the light of above decision, henceforth, the plot allotment policy to the Public/ Government servants shall be as under:

  1. Only one plot will be allotted to government employees and other specified groups during the entire service under allotment of plot schemes announced by the Federal Government Housing Authority (FGEHA) from time-to-time.

  2. The one plot allotment will be made as per the approved policy of authority by the executive committee/board from time-to-time as per their entitlement according to their scales from BS-01 to BS-22.

Benefits of One Plot Policy:

The benefits of the “One Plot One Employee” policy include:

  1. Long Term Benefit: By offering a long-term benefit to employees, organizations can improve employee retention and reduce turnover rates.

  2. Improvement of Moral: Providing employees with a valuable asset such as a plot of land can improve their overall morale and job satisfaction, which can lead to better performance and productivity.
  3. Increase Loyalty: The policy can also increase employee loyalty to the organization, as employees may feel a greater sense of ownership and connection to their employer.
  4. Impact of Community: The policy can have a positive impact on the local community by providing affordable housing options and stimulating economic activity through the construction of homes and infrastructure.

All Ministries/Divisions are requested to ensure circulation of the above mentioned decision/policy to their attached departments/organizations under their administrative control for information and compliance.

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One Plot One Employee Policy 2023 FGEHA [BPS-01 To BPS-22]

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