Opening of Official Bank Accounts (Markaz-Wise)

Quaid-e-Azam Academy For Educational Development has issued the official notification on 18th June 2021 in connection with the Opening of Official Bank Accounts (Markaz-Wise). The further details are given below;

QAED Opening Bank Accounts 2021

Ref. to the letter No. 177QAED/KML/TTS Dated 02 June 2021, which has already issued from this office to your good office along with the request that directions to AEOs may please be issued for the opening of official bank accounts to receive the amount for Teacher Forum Meeting (TFM) conducted monthly basis for PSTs.

It is also submitted that no compliance is being observed and no one (AEO) shared the official bank account with QAED yet, to receive the amount from Distt. QAED Kamalia to conduct monthly TFMs.

Once again your good office is requested to issue clear directions to the AEOs for its compliance within 07 Days.

Opening of Official Bank Accounts (Markaz-Wise)

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