Pak Railway Commercial Management of Passenger Trains

Pakistan Railway Headquarter Office, Lahore has announced on 26th October 2021 in connection with outsourcing the commercial management of passenger trains. With the objective to provide better passenger facilitation to the travelling public, Pakistan Railways intends to call proposals for outsourcing of the commercial management of the following trains:

Management of Passenger Trains Pakistan Railway

S No. Name & Number Sections Between
1 Khyber Mail (1Up / 2Dn) Karachi Cantt – Peshawar Cantt- Via Mul
2 Bolan Mail (30p/4Dn) Karachi- Quetta Via: Larkana – Jacobabad- Habibkot
3 Green Line (5Up/ 6Dn) Karachi Cantt- Margala Via Chord
4 Tezgam (7Up/ 8Dn) Karachi Cantt – Rawalpiindi via MUL
5 Allama Iqbal Express (9Up/ 10Dn) Karachi Cantt -Sialkot via Chord
6 Hazara Express (11Up/ 12Dn) Karachi City – Havelian via Mul SKO-JGH-SRO
7 Awam Express (13Up /14Dn Karachi Cantt- Peshawar Cantt via MUL – LHR
8 Karachi Express (15Up /16Dn) Karachi Cantt – Lahore via Multan
9 Millat Express (17Up /18Dn) Karachi Cantt – Lalamusa via chord FSLD-SRO
10 Akbar Bhugtti Express (23Up/24Dn)
Lahore – Quetta via: Faisalabad – Rohri
11 Bahauddin Zakria Exp (25Up/26Dn)
Karachi – Multan via Multan
12 Shalimar Exp (27Up/ 28Dn)
Karachi Cantt – Lahore via MUL- FSLD
13 Pak Biusiness Exp (33Up/ 34Dn)
Karachi Cantt – Lahore via MUL
14 Karakoram Express (41Up/ 42Dn) 
Karachi Cantt – Lahore via Chord – Faisalabad
15 Shah Hussain Express (43Up/44Dn)
 Karachi Cantt – Lahore via MUL- FSLD
16 Pakistan Express (45Up /46Dn)
Karachi Cantt – Rawalpindi via FSLD WZD
17 Rehman Baba Express (47Up /48Dn) Karachi Cantt – Peshawar via MUL- FSLD-WZD
18 Subak Raftar (101Up /102Dn) Lahore – Rawalpindi- Lahore
19 Subak Karam (103Up /104Dn) Lahore – Rawalpindi- Lahore
20 Rawal Express (105Up/106Dn) Lahore – Rawalpindi- Lahore
21 Islamabad Express (107Up/108Dn)  Lahore – Rawalpindi – Margala – Lahore
22 Musa Pak Excpress (115Up/116Dn)
Multan – Lahore via Sahiwal
23 Ravi Express (121Up/122Dn)
Lahore-Shorkot via: Shahdara Bagh – Jaranwala
24 Lasani Express (125Up/126Dn) Lahore – Sialkot via Narowal
25 Thal Express (129Up/130Dn) Multan Cantt- Rawalpindi via: Kundian- Attock City
26 Kohat Passenger (133 Up/134 Dn) Rawalpindi- Kohat cantt via: Golra, Basal,Jand sections & vice versa
27 Sukkur Express (145Up /146Dn) Karachi City-Jacobabad – Karachi City via Rohri
28 Attock Passenger (201Up/202Dn) Mari Indus – Attock city Via Basal-Jand& vice Versa
29 Jand Passenger (203Up/204Dn)
Jand – Attock city Via: Basal & vice Versa
30 Mohenjo Dhero (213Up/214Dn)
Kotri – Rohri Via: Dadu, Habib Kot & vice Versa
31 Shaheen Passenger (225Up/226Dn)
Sialkot – Wazirabad
32 Rawalpindi Passeger (267Up/268Dn)
Rawalpinndi- Havelian – Rawalpindi
33 Chaman Passenger (349Up/350 Dn) Quetta-Chaman & vice versa

The proposals shall be evaluated in accordance with Single Stage Two Enevelope procedure of PPRA Rules, 2004. Bid documents will be available at PR website and can also be collected from the office of Chief Marketing Manager, Pakistan Railways, Headquarters Office, Lahore during office working hours. Fee of bid documents will be deposited in the office of CMM. Interested parties will have to submit their proposals by 15 November, 2021 at 11.00 hours and Technical Proposals will be opened on the same day at 11.30 hours in committee room No.2 of Pakistan Railway, Headquarter office, Empress Road, Lahore.

Pak Railway Commercial Management of Passenger Trains

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