Pakistan Poetry Competition 2020

Punjab University has announced the latest Pakistan Poetry Competition 2020. The current pandemic situation is adversely affecting the mental health and efficiency of the national population as a deep sense of depression and anxiety prevails in the country. However the situation of lock down and availability of ample time in isolation can be positively used for creativity and literary work by those who have skill and flare for literary writing.

Under the present situation the Directorate of Students Affairs, University of the Punjab is organizing PAKISTAN POETRY COMPETITION 2020 to provide a healthy and creative activity for all the community of Pakistan to neutralize the negative effects of fear and anxiety through ONLINE participation in these competitions.

Eligibility Criteria

Every citizen of Pakistan possessing potential and skill of literary writing can participate ONLINE in these competitions. The competitions will be held for two categories according to tile age groups.

  • Category 1:  Less than 25 years
  • Category 2:  Above 25 years

Poetry Competition (Ghazal and Nazm)

Rules and Regulations for Ghazal:

1). Ghazal should be written on the given “Trha Misra

2). Judgment will be made on three parameters

a) Behr/ wazan and technicality

b) Quality of the thoughts

3). Decisions of judges shall be final

4). Azad / Paband Nazm is allowed

5). Nasri Nazm is not allowed

6). The decision of the judges wiII be final

Rules and Regulations for Nazm:

  1. The Nazm should be according to the given title
  2. Only Azad Nazm or Paband Nazm is acceptable
  3. Nasri Nazm will not be entertained
  4. The decision of the judges will be final

Cash Prizes

The winners of each category will be awarded cash prizes as below.

  1. First Prize : Rs.15,000/- (fifteen Thousands Rupees)
  2. Second Prize : Rs.10,000/- (Ten Thousands Rupees)
  3. Third Prize : Rs.5,000/- (five Thousand Rupees)

For online participation in these competitions please send your creative literary work in PDF latest by 10-05-2020 through email:

Please mention your name, age, mobile Dumber and e-mail address at the top of your submitted literary work. For further information please e-mail at or contact 0333-8534934.

Pakistan Poetry Competition 2020

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