Pakistan Railway One Year Performance 2018-19

♠ Pakistan Railway (PR) through special initiative managed to generate an additional revenue of PKR 10 billion that help[ed it reduce it annual deficit by PKR 04 billion and an absorption of PKR 06 billion additional bill in respect of increasing cost of the fuel as well as of pay and pension bill.

♠ In Financial Year 2018-19, earning of PR stood at PKR 54.59 billion compared to PKR 49.50 billion for FY 2017-18, the highest revenue ever achieved by PR Annual deficit lowered from PKR 36 billion to PKR 32 billion.

♠ PR added 24 new passenger trains in its train operators, all refurbished locally at PR Installations at Lahore and Islamabad. These new trains attracted around 08 million new passengers and grabbing additional revenue of PKR 05 billion from the passenger earnings.

♠ PR Increased the number or rail passengers to 06 million, travelling in one year by trains. PR did increase its freight volume from 4% to 7% by Introducing special container goods trains.

♠ Under the CPEC Pakistan Railways on April 25, 2019 signed a Declaration with China for upgradation of 1872 km long track on Karachi – Peshawar Main Line (ML-I). The project is aimed at increasing the train speed from existing 80-90 KM/hours to 160 KM/hours, thereby reducing the train journey between major cities i-e. Karachi – Rawalpindi from 22 hrs 10 hrs and Rawalpindi – Lahore from 5 hrs to 3 hours only.

♠ Tenders floating for upgradation of ML2 (Attock –  Jacobabad – Kotri), ML3 (Rohri – Jacobabad-Quetta-Taftan) and ML4 (Gwadar).

♠ Diesel fuel amounting 3.5 million litres was saved despite operating 24 new trains saving could have increased to 07 million litres of Diesel fuel had new trains been not introduced.

♠ PR introduced LIVE tracking system, provided free Wi-Fi facility at major stations as well as initiated establishment of state of the art Command & Control Centre at Lahore Headquarters to bring safety, efficiency and improvement in the railway network. More than 01 million customers are availing free Live tracking through their smart phones.

♠ Pakistan Railway retrieved a precious 383 ares land worth PKR 30 billion, it did recover 38 KM of the 43 KM long Karachi Circular Railway land from the encroachers.

♠ Royal Palm Golf and Country Club case decided in favour of PR by the Supreme Court – Bids being invited for transparent outsourcing of the club management.

♠ Under clean and green Pakistan campaign Pakistan Railways planted 5,00,000 saplings.

♠ Electric Power distribution of Railway colonies handed over to WAPDA –  Annual saving of PKR 1 billion is expected on completion, Hospitals ,  schools & Colleges of PR being offered to private sector on PPP or JV  ode.

♠ Free tickets facility extended for 4 trips per year to passengers aged 75 years or more, Discounts 50% in tickets for passengers aged 65 years.

♠ E-ticketing was modernized by the incorporating mobile phone apps (Android and IOS) and e-payments.

♠ Renovations and upgradation of Lahore, Hasan Abadal and Nankana Sahib Railway Stations.

♠ Recruitment Process of 10, 000 new jobs from grade 1 to 10 is about to complete.

♠ Establishment of Pharmacies and deployment of doctors at Railway stations in majors cities.

♠ Special washrooms for people with disabilities at stations and in trans facilitation.

Pakistan Railway One Year Performance 2018-19

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