Issuance of Passport in Change of Profession Notification 2022

Government of Pakistan Directorate General, Immigration & Passports (Headquarters) has issued the official circular letter on 5th March, 2020 to all passport issuing authorities at Home, All Zonal Head immigration and Passports, Lahore / Karachi / Peshawar / Quetta / Multan / Rawalpindi in connection with of issuance of passport in change of profession notification.

Change of Profession on Passport Details 2022

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to say that amnesty scheme for Governments Servants, who obtained passports in private capacity in concealment of their profession, was expired on 25-07-2019 and no extension in amnesty scheme has been granted in this regard.

However, there are still many Government Servants who failed to avail the facility of amnesty scheme and now they are facing difficulties in obtaining fresh passport even for Hajj purpose / duty

Keeping in view the complexity faced by such Government Servants who obtained passports in concealment of their profession and did not avail the subject amnesty scheme.

It has been decided that Passport application of such Government employees may be processed In the similar way as in the amnesty scheme on the basis of NOC issued by the their respective departments subject to payment of additional fee of Rs. 5000/- in addition to payment of prescribed passport fee.

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Thereafter, these cases may be forwarded by Regional Passport Offices to Zonal Heads for approval, Zonal Heads will submit monthly statements of all such cases to Directorate General, Immigration and Passports (IMPASS). This issues with the approval of Director General, Immigration and Passports.

If you think that Govt is capable of appreciation after issuance of passport in change of profession notification 2020 then you can share your views in comments.

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Issuance of Passport in Change of Profession Notification 2020




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