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Passport Renewal e-Service

The Government of Pakistan specifically the Directorate General Immigration and Passports under the Interior Ministry has introduced an exciting and convenient initiative to enhance passport renewal services for Pakistani nationals. After the launching of the new Passport Renewal e-Service Portal Online, all the citizens of Pakistan can now take advantage of this user-friendly platform to renew their passports. The latest announcement allows every Pakistani to update their passports from the comfort of their homes and eliminating the need to visit physical passport offices.

All the Pakistani nationals and those overseas Pakistanis can get the facility of easy renewal of passport without taking anymore hardship. Under the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, streamline the passport online service accessibility from the door step. You can use your smartphone to fill the application form and renew your passport easily. The modern approach for passport renewal is expected to alleviate the burden on applicants and bring added efficiency to the overall system.

Online Passport Renewal Portal e-Service

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has introduced the most commendable initiative to renew passport online. You can pay your passport renewal fee online using credit or debit card via official website. You need to first register yourself and then Login. You can now proceed your application online to provide basic information and submit the required documents and simplifying the process of obtaining their new passport.

Online Passport Renewal Portal e-Service

In the past, there are multiple challenges for the applicant who want to renew their passport due to documentary procedures and long waiting times that caused unnecessary stress. However, with the implementation of the online passport renewal service, these problems have been alleviated to make all the process more easiest. Now, you don’t need to visit physically at Passport office. Your all the process will be compile from your home through the user-friendly online platform. This advancement is expected to significantly enhance the overall passport renewal experience for citizens.

How To Apply Online For Passport Renewal Process

If you are a Pakistani national then you can renew your passport more easily that involves simple simple steps for ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

  • The first and foremost step is to complete your registration which is necessary for login
  • Now, you need to create an application for renewal of Passport online
  • You must fill the application with the correct and updated information
  • After completion of registration, you must pay the passport renewal fee through your credit or debit card
  • You must provide the permanent address which is the most important requirement.
  • You can now upload documents and photographs.

Apply Online For Passport Renewal Process

Documents Requirement for Passport Renewal

You are required to upload documents for renewal of Passport when your registration complete. The following documents are essential to upload online;

  • CNIC
  • Old Passport
  • Picture (Digital Passport Size)
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