Pay Package For Project Staff Funded From PSDF 2022

The Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued the latest notification on 18th April 2022 in connection with standard pay package for the project staff directly recruited for development projects funded from PSDF.

Revision of Project Pay Scales For Project Staff

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s O.M.No.F.4(9)R-14/ 2008 dated 19-07-2017 on the above subject and to convey the approval of Executive Committee of the National Economic Council’s in Case No.ECNEC-5/02/2022 dated 16-03-2022 to the revision of Project Pay Scales, after in principle approval by the Prime Minister, meant for officers/staff directly recruited from open market on contract basis for the execution of Development Projects funded from PSDP. The revised Project Pay Scales are, as follows:

PPS Regular BPS Minimum Rs. Increment @ 5% of Minimum Minimum Rs.
PPS-1 BPS 1-4 28,000 1400 44,800
PPS-2 BPS 5-8 35,000 1750 57,750
PPS-3 BPS 9-10 43,750 2190 70,030
PPS-4 BPS 11-13 52,500 2625 48,000
PPS-5 BPS 14-15 70,000 3500 112,000
PPS-6 BPS 16 105,000 5250 168,000
PPS-7 BPS 17 157,500 7875 252,000   
PPS-8 BPS 18 218,750 10940 350,030
PPS-9 BPS 19 306,250 15315
BPS 20
437,500 21875 700,000
BPS 21
612,500 30625 980,000
BPS 22
875,000 43750 1400,000

The aforesaid pay package will be effective from 01-04-2022 for the new as well as the on-going PSDP projects and shall be admissible subject to the following conditions:

  • This pay package will be followed for the appointments of officers/staff including Project Directors, Advisors; Specialists; Consultants etc, in the PSDP funded development projects as reflected in the PC-1/PC-II, duly approved by the competent forum. Based on the sensitivity and size of the project, the CDWP shall decide on whether the Project Director is to be placed in PPS-10 or PPS-11 or PPS-12.
  • The above lump sum pay package will be admissible for fresh/direct / existing/ employees of PSDP Projects. However, pay of the fresh/direct employees shall be fixed at the initial stage and thereafter an annual increase @5% of the Initial stage would be admissible. The pay of the existing PSDP funded projects employees shall be fixed to the next higher stage of the revised stage of the above pay package.
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Pay Package For Project Staff Funded From PSDF 2022

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