Pay Tax Online Through E-Payment FBR

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan has announced the Alternate delivery Channels (ADC) for easy mode of e-payment of taxes online through;

1). Internet Banking Websites

2). Mobile Banking

3). ATM

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Easier, Modern,User Friendly

Efficient and fast tax-collection deposits and settlements in government A/c.

Reduce and eliminate incidences of errors and delays.

No more physical Visits to Bank for this purpose.

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Four Easy Steps

First Step:

Just log on to and prepare the PSID of the Tax you intend to pay.

Second Step:

Note down the PSID number on completion of payment for further processing.

Third Step:

login to the online banking system on your computer or mobile-phone or visit ATM facility. The bill Payment screen of the bank shall reflect “FBR“,.The bank / ATM screen shall require the taxpayer to enter PSID generated by FBR system. The screen will appear for making payments to FBR.

Fourth Step:

Within 03 hours of confirmation, the payment will be marked as “Paid“. A CPR (Computerized Payment Receipt) will be provided to the taxpayer through email and confirmation SMS is also sent on given mobile number.

Note:- Modification in PSID for ADC payment is not allowed. It is declared final and confirmed on creation.

Pay Tax Online Through E-Payment FBR

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