Payment of EST/SESE Scholarship, Funeral, Marriage & Monthly Grant

The Government of Punjab, Services & General Administration Department, Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund has issued the official notification on 29th December 2021. The further details are given below;

EST/SESE Scholarship, Funeral, Marriage & Monthly Grant

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to inform that will processing the applications of various Benevolent Fund grants of Elementary School Teachers EST’s etc. An anomaly came forth i.e regular Basic Pay Scale of ESSES or BS 16. Accordingly, this office has sent a letter addressed to School Education Department to clarify the aforesaid query. Meanwhile the disbursement of ESTS’s/SESE’s was stopped.

In this regard School Education Department clarified that vide letter No SO(SE-III)5-165/2021 dated 26.05.2021 EST’S/SESE’s have regular BS-15 but a numbers of ESTs are also working in BS-16 (Personal)”. Moreover, this office approached Finance Department regarding clarification whether to treat ESSESES BS-16 (Personal). Finance Department has advised as under:

the original / substantive pay scale of the post of EST remained BS-15 while the pay scale of the the incumbent i.e. BS-16 15 personal. Personal scale is temporary arrangement and after vacation, the post is automatically everted to its original scale Therefore, the pay scale BS-16(Personal of the EST or others is not Regular

In view of the above, I am further directed to request you to deal these cases of all 04 (B.F) Grants le. Scholarship, Funeral, Marriage & Monthly Grant accordingly by the Chairman District Benevolent Fund Board / concerned District.

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Payment of EST/SESE Scholarship, Funeral, Marriage & Monthly Grant

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