Payment of Monthly Pension in Bank Account Like Salary WAPDA

Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has issued the official Notification letter in connection with payment of monthly pension in bank account like salary.

It may be shared that timely disbursement of pension and other post-retirement benefits to WAPDA pensioners has been concern of vital importance in the Authority. It is always keen to take such measures as to facilitate them in receiving their pension/dues timely and without facing any trouble. Having that goal in view, the Authority has decided to further facilitate the pensioners enabling them to receive the monthly pension through their own bank account like salary without frequent visits to the Pension Disbursing Office(PDO).

Now the monthly pension will be remitted on-line to the bank account of each pensioner/beneficiary by Pension Disbursing Office on last working day of the month. The mandatory requisites for the purpose are as under:

1. Personal visit only after six month in January and July upto 15th to the nearby Pension Disbursing Office.

2. Submission of “Alive Certificate” duly attested by a gazette Officer to his concerned pension disbursing office through registered post or alternatively get biometric verification from nearby designated center in between 1-15 October and 1-15 April.

3. Likewise WidowlWidower/Un-married Daughter or Sister etc. will produce “Non-marriage certificate” duly attested by a gazette Officer to the concerned pension disbursing office through Courier Service or Registered Post after every six months in between 1-15 October and 1-15 April.

4. Opening a separate bank account solely for receiving/drawing pension.

Further, the hospitalized/bed-ridden pensioners may submit their ‘Alive Certificate’ duly prepared/signed by the Registrar of the WAPDA/Govt. Owned & Operated Hospitals on quarterly basis i.e. 1 to 15 days of July, October, January and April each year. However, the officer incharge of Pension Disbursing Office will visit such patient once in a year.

The following information as per proforma/form (attached herewith) duly filled in may kindly be furnished to concerned Pension Disbursement office to enable on-line pension system workable at the earliest.

1. Option Form for direct credit of pension through bank account.

2. Indemnity Bond on non-judicial stamp paper worth RS.50/

3. Alive Certificate as per specimen(attached.)

4. Bank Account No.(For pension purpose only), Name of Bank and Branch Code(complete address), Phone No. & Email address.

Payment of Monthly Pension in Bank Account Like Salary WAPDA

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