PEC Profile Update Portal For Engineers

PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is in process to update the profile of “Professionals” and “RegisteredEngineers. List of such engineers with invalid data is provided on PEG website ( Engineers are advised to visit profile update Portal ( and update their profile along-with scanned copy of their valid CNIC etc.

a) As per Section 19 of PEC Act 1976, it is mandatory for all engineers to possess a valid PEC membership renewal card. Engineers who have paid life time subscription fee, but do not possess valid renewal cards are also advised to apply for issuance of membership renewal cards without any fee.

b) All such Engineers who have not yet renewed their membership can avail the opportunity (valid upto Dec 31,2020) of life subscription on payment of Rs 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) including arrears for renewal at their registration through registration portal ( For further details, please visit PEC website (

PEC Profile Update Portal For Engineers

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