PEMRA Directives Reporting on Natural Calamity

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Islamabad has issued the official notification on 31st July 2021 in connection with PEMRA Directives Reporting on Natural Calamity. The further details are given below;

PEMRA Directives For Reporting on Calamities, Rain, Flooding

This is with reference to recent coverage made by satellite TV channel licensees (News & Current Affairs) on torrential rains and urban flooding in the country especially in the Federal Capital Islamabad.

It has been observed with grave concern that while reporting/airing news/ footages on natural calamities, torrential rains and flooding, news channels generally rely on videos which are widely circulated on digital platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram and whatsapp instead of mobilizing their own field teams (reporters and cameramen) for providing actual real time footages to the viewers, which is not only the responsibility of the channels but are also mandated to do so.

These sloppy videos create unnecessary panic and fear not only among the inhabitants of the cities being reported but for their loved ones living across the country or even abroad.

Recent coverage of urban flooding in Islamabad is a valid example of hoax reporting, most of the videos shown on TV channels were obtained from social media, recorded by mobile phones during the heavy rain spell in the capital.

Factually, the moment rain stopped, all the stagnant rain water on roads or elsewhere was drained. Even the badly affected areas and roads shown badly flooded (with water in those videos) were clear and public was commuting for their work/offices etc, as usual.

The unnecessary hype given to the natural calamity by the channels caused fear and trauma among the viewers.

Moreover, viewers are criticizing TV channels and the regulator on social media for allowing private satellite TV channels to air news reports in such an unprofessional manner.

PEMRA Directives Reporting on Natural Calamity

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