Pension Rules for Over-Age Govt Servants

Government of Punjab, Finance Department has issued the official Notification letter in connection with pension rules for over-age Government servants at the time of recruitment.

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It has come to notice of the Provincial Pension Cases Disposal Committee that some Government servants, who were over-age at the time of recruitment, were recruited by the appointing authorities without obtaining the sanction of the competent authority.

The Accountant General did not raise any objection at that time and passed their pay bills although that would have been the proper stage at which an objection could have been raised. Such an objection after the retirement of such Government servants leads to great delay in the finalization of their papers.

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It has, therefore, been decided that no objection may be raised by the Accountant-General Punjab / District Accounts Officers at the time of retirement of such Government servants, so that their pension cases are finalized within a reasonable time.

Pension Rules for Over-Age Govt Servants

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