Pension Stop Reasons

Government employees must know about the rules and regulations regarding pension stop reason during his/her service tenure. We are sharing the most important factors on which an employee is not applicable for pension. Good conduct is an implied condition of every kind of pension.

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  1. Government may withhold or withdraw a pension or any part of it if the pensioner be convicted of serious crime or be found to have been guilty of grave misconduct either during or after the completion of his service, provided that before any order to this effect is issued.
  2. Government reserves to themselves the right of recovery from the pension of Government pensioner on account of losses found in judicial or departmental proceedings to have been caused to Government by the negligence, or fraud of such Government pensioner during his service, provided that such departmental proceedings shall not be instituted after more than a year from the date of retirement of the Government pensioner.
  3. If the departmental proceedings are not completed within one year after retirement of the Government servant, he may be allowed to draw up to 80% or less of full pension so as to ensure that Government loss in full is recovered from the balance.
  4. In the case of judicial proceedings, judgment of the court may be awaited.
  5. If the judicial proceedings are delayed beyond one year after retirement, reduced pension may be allowed as in the case of pensioners facing departmental proceedings.
  6. In case, the amount of pension granted to a Government servant is afterwards found to be in excess of that to which he is entitled under the rules, he shall be called upon to refund such excess.
  7. No pension may be granted to a Government servant dismissed or removed for misconduct, corruption, subversive activities or inefficiency but if he deserves special consideration he may be granted a compassionate allowance not exceeding 2/3rd of the pension which would have been admissible to him, had he retired on invalid pension.

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Pension Stop Reasons

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