PM Ramadan Relief Package 2021

Prime Minister of Pakistan has issued the advertisement for public notice on Saturday, 10th April, 2021 in connection with PM Ramadan relief package 2021. The special Ramadan package will be effective from 10th April.

Special Ramadan Package Utility Store 2021

Special discount will be provided on the 19 commodities of daily life. All the items are available on Utility Stores in Pakistan with new rates. If you are buying more than Rs. 1500 then you can get more discounts.

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List of Items on Discount Ramadan Offer 2021

S.No Item Price
1 Floor (Aata) – 20Kg Bag Rs. 800
2 Sugar (Cheni) – 1Kg Rs. 68
3 Ghee – 1Kg Rs. 170
4 Cooking Oil Rs. 20/Ltr
5 Daal Chana Rs. 15/Kg
6 Daal Moong Rs. 10/Kg
7 Daal Mash Rs. 10/Kg
8 Daal Masoor Rs. 30/Kg
9 Safed Chana Rs. 25/Kg
10 Besan (Chakki) Rs. 20/Kg
11 Khajoor Rs. 20/Kg
12 Basmati Rice Rs. 10/Kg
13 Sella Rice Rs. 10/Kg
14 Tota Rice Rs. 12/Kg
15 Laal Sharbat (1500 ml) Rs. 25/Kg
16 Laal Sharbat (800ml) Rs. 20/Kg
17 Tea Rs. 50/Kg
18 Milk (UHT) Rs. 20/Ltr
19 Masalajat 10%

If you are facing any problem or price related issue then you can lodge a complaint or tell us in the comment section.

PM Ramadan Relief Package 2021

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