Policy regarding Abundant Buildings of Schools

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official notification letter on 25 September, 2019 in the matter of policy regarding abundant buildings of Schools due to merger of Schools in Past.

Kindly refer to the subject noted above and find enclosed herewith a list of 3297 merged Schools during 2010 to 2014 provided by PMIU-PESRP. Name of merged Schools pertaining to your respective District is also given In the list (year wise).

A number of complaints/Press Clippings are being received in this Office regarding the encroachment / illegal occupation to abundant buildings of schools due to the merger of schools in recent years. The Competent Authority has taken a serious notice of the issue and desired that list of Schools to be verified by District Education Authorities and comprehensive report in this regard be submitted to this Department
within 10 days positively.

Competent Authority has further desired that a report regarding the usage of abundant buildings in future also be shared on following possibilities:-

a. Those buildings could be used as the Offices of Education Department (CEOs, DEOs, Dy.DEOs and AEOs etc).

b. Abundant buildings could be used by PEF and PEIMA under Public Private Partnership (PPP).

c. Abundant buildings could be given to Private Schools/Organizations for Educational purposes through an MOU to be signed between District Education Authorities and Private Service Provider.

d. Abundant buildings could be given to Local Government as per their needs.

All the CEOs (DEAs) are requested to verify the abundant buildings alongwith their suggestions regarding the usage of each of abundant buildings in future.

Policy regarding Abundant Buildings of Schools

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