PPSC Holds Recruitment of Lecturers Due To Leakage of Question Papers 2021 Notification

Punjab Public Service Commission has issued the notification on 28th January, 2021 regarding PPSC holds recruitment of Lecturers due to leakage of question papers 2021.

PPSC taking cognizance of the leakage of question papers as highlighted by the Anticorruption Establishment (ACE), after due deliberations, for maintaining transparency, and meritocracy has put on hold the recruitment/appointment process of the following posts:

Notification of PPSC Exams Canceled After Leakage of Question Papers

  1. Deputy Accountant (BS-16), Finance Department
  2. Lecturer Education (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  3. Lecturer Physical Education (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  4. Lecturer Physics (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  5. Lecturer Chemistry (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  6. Lecturer Economics (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  7. Lecture History (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  8. Lecturer Biology (BS-17), Higher Education Department
  9. Assistant Director (Investigation)(BS-17), Anticorruption Establishment Punjab
  10. Inspector (BS-16), Anticorruption Establishment Punjab
  11. Assistant (BS-16), Punjab Police Department
  12. Ziladar (BS-14), Punjab Irrigation Department

The matter shall be reviewed by the Punjab Public Service Commission as per its mandate, given in Regulation No.63 of PPSC’s Regulations-2016. Further action after revision/rectification shall be taken in due course.

PPSC reiterates its resolve to protect and uphold the dignity of this 84 years Old 3. pioneer entity which has been serving the Punjab Province through a fair, merit based and transparent process to promote excellence, professionalism and competence.

PPSC Holds Recruitment of Lecturers Due To Leakage of Question Papers 2021 Notification

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