Prime Minister Relief on Electricity Bill

Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Energy (Power Division) Power Coordination, Policy and Finance Wing has issued the official Notification letter on 26th March, 2020 in connection with Prime Minister relief on electricity bill of domestic consumers upto 300 units.

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and inform that the Government of Pakistan has announced following relief package for domestic consumers upto 300 Units due to COVID 19 pandemic CoronaVirus.

a) Private domestic consumer (Single Phase) having consumption up 300 Units wt be considered or payment of bill in Three installments

b) Total payable amount including arrears and previous installments (if any) will be considered the calculation of installments

c) Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) will not  be levied in case of non-payment to such consumers 

d) No mark-up be charged on this deferred amount

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e) Domestic consumers TESCO and HESCO (Than subsidy) will be excluded from this relief package (as their bills are paid by
the GoP & GoS).

f) Consumer can pay total amount during current month if he wants

g) Following message will be displayed on bill “PM RELIEF FOR COVID-19

In view of aforesaid, DISCOs are directed to disseminate the decision among their consumers and implement the decision under intimation to this Division accordingly. PEPCO and PITCare directed to strictly ensure the instructions and forward  compliance report to this Division urgently.

Prime Minister Relief on Electricity Bill

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