Problematic Issues in E-Transfer System 2021

It is stated that the ongoing e-transfer process has some issues which have been ignored or not understood by the officers of the education department Punjab and also by SED and PITB. These issues required greater attentions and resolve the problematic issues by the SED, PITB and also by the officers of education department in the whole province of Punjab.

Problems For Teachers in E-Transfer System 2021

All the teachers of Punjab are facing the following issues relating the e-transfer system 2021;

  • The ongoing e-Transfer system has been opened for all categories of transfers likewise open merit, mutual¬† and promotion. which is the great issues facing all the Punjab teachers whom are eligible for mutual transfer and also for promotion as well.
  • When these three categories come in-line for transfer then it will kill the right of the teachers willing for transfer. In these three categories Mutual, Open Merit and Promotion transfers;
  • Mutual is the other case because in these two teachers of different schools are willing for transfer on mutual basis. First teachers takes the place of second teacher and then second teacher take the place of the first and the matter is resolved easily on SIS Punjab App.
  • But when we talk about the transfer and promotion categories then it must be understood by SED, PITB and other related officers of the education department which are involved in e-transfer system that these two categories of transfer and promotion should be handled one by one.
  • First of all in these two categories of the e-transfer system, promotion must be given the first priority and then transfer is opened for e-transfer on SIS.

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  • The notification for promotion from PST to EST (Science or Arts) BPS-15 was issued by the GOP School Education Department, Lahore dated 06-8-2019 included 30 teachers (f) eligible for promotion from PST to EST (Science or Arts).
  • But unluckily the matter is very few teachers avail promotions during the last year. This is all because of the weak policy made by SED and PITB regarding e-transfer.
  • First Priority will goes towards promotion in e-transfer system because it will happen only once while the mutual and other categories of transfers which are opened throughout the year as said by our Minister of Education Murad Raas.
  • So, the opinion for e-transfer system is that it must be categorized as the basis of promotion, mutual and open merit transfers.
  • In these categories the promotion must gain the first priority that is first open promotion for e-transfer on SIS application then open mutual transfer on SIS application and lastly open merit basis transfer on SIS App as distance, tenure, seniority, disability and compassionate grounds.
  • In this proper way the e-transfer system run smoothly and doesn’t disheart the teachers morale who are eligible for promotion and also other transfers. ( Voice of Attock Female Teachers )
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