Professional Tax Sindh Penalty for Late Payment

Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department, Government of Sindh has issued the official announcement on 19th December, 2019 through Dawn Newspaper as attention for Professional Taxpayers. Be a responsible citizen, to avoid professional tax Sindh penalty for late payment.

What is Professional Tax

The Tax on Trades, Professions, Calling and Employment is levied under the Sindh Finance Act, 1964. The basis of this tax is to bring various categories of. [persons engaged: in different trade, calling and professions.

Professional Tax is a Tax that a professional is required to pay to receive the right to practice a professional service. Professional Tax regime produce’s computerized tax challans for business entities, on annual basis. A criteria for calculating professional tax fixed, depending upon Paid-up Capital and Annual turnover of Establishment.

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Payment of Professional Tax

The Payment of Professional Tax to any other Agency / Authority, does not absolve to any person (even the person engaged in any trade, professional etc. in Cantonment areas) from the payment of the Professional Tax levied by the Government of Sindh, as the Provincial Assembly is empowered to impose and collect this Tax under article 163 of the Constitution of lslamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

For Online Registration

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Calculation of Professional Tax

Excise & Taxation Department, Government of Pakistan has given an opportunity through online Tax Calculator for the professions of Companies, Factories, Commercial Establishment, contractors, importer/exporter etc. for the required duration.

Professional Tax Calculator

To facilitate the persons liable to pay the Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, & Employment the Excise & Taxation Department, Government of Sindh, has decided to give a final chance to the assessees of the following categories for filing Declaration in Form PCT-3 and payment of professional Tax by 31st December, 2019.

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Rate of Tax Per Anum


All persons engaged in any professional, trade Calling or employment, other than those mentioned hereinafter and assessed   to in the preceding Financial year.

RS. 500/-


All  Limited Companies, Modarbas, Mutual Fund, and any other body corporate with paid-up capital or paid up share Capital and reserves in the preceding year whichever is more:-


1) Not exceeding Rs. 25. Million


2) exceeding Rs. 25 million but not exceeding Rs. 50 million


3) exceeding Rs. 50 million but not exceeding Rs. 75 million


4) exceeding Rs. 75 million but not exceeding Rs. 100 million


5) exceeding Rs. 100 million but not



Holders of import or export licence, owners of industries, factories and commercial establishments; contractors engaged in construction work of supplying goods or providing services or lab our; all whole sellers and agents, good or services for others as owner or on commission basis, medical and legal practitioners, auditors, video shop and any other persons providing professional services and shops assessed to income tax in the proceeding professional services and shops assessed to turn over.

1) Not exceeding Rs. 1 million


2) exceeding Rs. 1 million but not exceeding Rs. 10 million


3) exceeding Rs. 10 million but not exceeding Rs. 100 million


4) exceeding Rs. 100 million but not exceeding Rs. 200 million


5) exceeding Rs. 200 million but not exceeding Rs. 500 million


6) exceeding Rs. 500 million



All factories not, shops or establishments including video shops, real estate shop/agencies, land car dealers not assessed to income tax in the proceeding financial year.

Rs. 1,000/-


All petrol pumps & CNG station

Rs. 5,000/-

1. Assessees falling in the above categories are advised for payment of the tax, collect the computerized Challan Form PCT-8 from their concerned office and file their Declaration In Form PCT-3 with the Dist: Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Officer concerned.

2. Declaration Forms are available in the respective Offices of Professional Tax, situated at 4th Floor, Manzoor Square, Behind Rimpa Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karaoru, Declaration Form can also be flied on the Photostat copy of the Form PCT-3 printed herewith.

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3. If the Tax is not paid by 31st Dec, 2019 penalty not exceeding the amount of unpaid tax may be imposed.

4. Further action against the defaulters shall also be initiated under the relevant Acts & Rules as well as the Land Revenue Act, 1967 and Sindh Tax Evasion (punishment) Act, 1974

For any information and complaint please contact to your concerned Director, Excise Taxation & Narcotics Control.

All the traders associations are requested to co-operate for payment of professional tax.

Karachi: 021-32710072

Larkana: 074-9410751

Hyderabad: 022-9200148

Mirpurkhas: 0233-9290211

Sukkur: 071-9310202

Shaheed Benazirabad: 0244-9370178

Professional Tax Sindh Penalty for Late Payment

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  1. This is a good step by the government for levying penalty to the defaulters. but the government must get hold of the huge firms who avoid and skip paying taxes. The tax is a must for all the people and that includes even the high profile people .


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