How To Buy PTA Approved IMEI Check Mobile Phone in Pakistan

How To Buy PTA Approved IMEI Check Mobile Phone in Pakistan

Do you know about PTA IMEI Check for verification of registered mobile phones with all government-paid taxes. The Government of Pakistan has provided the facility of PTA IMEI Checker for authenticity to those mobile phones which are approved by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. If you have bought your new mobile phone and don’t know its status, you can indulge in any undesirable situation. We advise you to buy PTA-approved mobile phones to avoid yourself from an unwanted situation.

There are multiple functional methods to confirm the verification through PTA check Code by SMS, Website Online, and Verification by PTA Mobile App. You can easily learn how to check PTA-approved Mobile Phone with IMEI number online and verify devices. The PTA has already published multiple announcements regarding illegal mobile phones which are not approved and are at high risk of IMEI blocking. You must purchase any mobile phone from Pakistani Bazar (Market), which is PTA approved and you must check IMEI.

PTA IMEI Checker To Verify Approved Mobile Phones

As we already briefed you about how to check PTA approved phone with the best practical ways. Now, we will learn how to perform these functions with the well mannered procedure;

Verification Through SMS:

You can verify your mobile phone IMEI by sending an SMS to 8484 PTA Helpline to know about the status of your mobile device. If you need to learn about your mobile IMEI code which includes then you can dial *#06# and get the 15 numerical digits code on display. You can copy the code in SMS and send it to 8484 and shortly, you will receive a reply.

Verification Through SMS

Verification Through Mobile App:

The PTA has provided the Mobile App to Check IMEI for the authenticity of your mobile device. You can download PTA Device Verification System (DV) mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times. After successfully downloaded the mobile app, enter the IMEI code and press Verify button. You will get a reply of your mobile IMEI regarding Registered/Not-Registered by PTA. Based on compliance status, you may get any of the following results;

  • Compliant
  • Non-compliant
  • Blocked

Verification Through Mobile App

Verification Through PTA Website:

You can visit PTA official website for Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), which has the basic theme to the healthy growth of the mobile ecosystem. The prime cause of these facilitation to check your mobile phone for legal or illegal status. Your mobile device must be registered with PTA; otherwise, your phone will be blocked and you cannot use any SIM in Pakistan. Before buying any mobile, you must check PTA registration and then purchase.

PTA Website Check PTA Verification
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