Punjab Civil Servants Appointment on Merit Basis Rules

If you are a Government employee and want to know the rules of how Punjab civil servants appointment will be made on merit basis. All the information have gathered from Punjab Govt policies.

Appointment on Merit Basis

(i) Under the Chapter titled “Fundamental Rights” of the Constitution of Pakistan, equality of citizens and safeguard against discrimination in services has been guaranteed. Article 25 of the Constitution provides that all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law while article 27 provides that no citizen otherwise qualified for appointment in the service of Pakistan shall be discriminated against.

(ii) Supreme Court of Pakistan in its judgment dated 19.01.1993 in Human Rights Case No. 104 of 1992 stated that recruitments, both adhoc and regular, without publicly and properly advertising the vacancies, is violative of fundamental rights. As such no post could be filled in without proper advertisement, even on adhoc or contract basis.

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(iii) Under the provisions of Rule 17 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 no post can be filled in without proper advertisement.

(iv) Recruitment Policy, 2004 does not allow appointment of any person without advertisement and in violation of any procedural formalities laid down in the policy.

(v) All posts to be filled on contract shall be advertised properly in at least two leading newspapers, as per rules.

(vi) No relaxation of qualification, experience, physical criteria etc., as provided in the relevant service rules or as determined by the Government shall be allowed, except as prescribed under the rules.

(vii) The relevant Selection Committees shall ensure that contract appointments are made strictly on merit and in accordance with the rules, selection criteria and other provisions of this policy as well as the prevailing Recruitment Policy. **

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(viii) The relevant Selection Committee shall prepare a merit list and  shall provide it to the Appointing Authority along with its recommendations.

(ix) The merit list shall remain valid for a period of 190 days from the date of recommendations of the relevant Selection Committees and the appointing authority shall complete the process of appointment within
the said period.

(x) No request for extension in the joining time as specified in the offer of appointment shall be entertained.

(xi) If a person, to whom offer of appointment has been issued, fails to join the post within the period specified in the said offer of appointment or where a written refusal is received from a selectee,his/her selection shall stand cancelled and next person on the merit list may be offered the job.

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(xii) In case a person joins the job and leaves the same within the period of 190 days, then the appointing authority may offer the job to the next person on the merit list.

Punjab Civil Servants Appointment on Merit Basis Rules

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