Punjab Disability Assessment Board 2021 | Suitability of Job With Disability

The Punjab Disability Assessment Board 2021 has been constituted to assess the suitability of job with disability. The notification in this regard has been issued. The further details are given below;

Punjab Disability Board For Disabled Employees 2021

In pursuance of Section 12(2) of the Disabled Person (Employment & Rehabilitation) Ordinance, 1981, Disability Assessment Board is hereby constituted at Tehsil level in order to make assessment of disability and to ascertain and determine suitability of the Person with Disability (PWD) for the job according to disability.

Composition of Punjab Disability Board 2021

1 Medical Superintendent of the concerned THQ Hospital Chairman
2 Representative Labour Department  Member
3 Representative of TEVTA Member
4 Medical Social Officer of concerned THQ  (in case of non-availability of MSO, concerned area SWO, CDP) Member
5 Medical Specialist (concerned)  Member
6 Deputy Director, SW 8 BM, Department  Secretary

Note: – In case of non-availability of concerned medical specialist, the case may be referred to concerned DHQ Hospital by Medical Superintendent THQ Hospital with the approval of the Board.

Punjab Disability Assessment Board 2021

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