Punjab Government Reforms the Process of Registry

Government of Punjab Land Records Authority is going to reforms economic stability , interventions for ease of doing business for bringing more ease to the process of registry.

Registry in 4 Easy Steps

1). Online issuance of Fard

2). Preparation of documents by lawyer/deed writer

3). Payment of the stamp duty

4). Registration of deed and computerized mutation

Modernization Service Support to Business

The Punjab Land Records Authority facilitates the masses in getting registry in a transparent and easy manner.


Duration (Days) Stages Expenses

Level of Land Index


56 7 5.2%



11 4 4.2%


Punjab Land Records Authority
Helpline: 042-111-22-22-77
2KM, Multan Road, Lahore Ph: 042-99330120/25

Punjab Government Reforms the Process of Registry

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