Punjab Govt Ban on People Movement & Gathering Due to CoronaVirus

Government of the Punjab, Home Department has issued the official Notification letter on 23rd March, 2020 in connection with Punjab govt ban on people movement & gathering due to CoronaVirus.

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NO.SO(IS-II)1-1/2004. WHEREAS, there has been an increase in the number of pandemic Coronavirus cases in the Province of Punjab as well as Pakistan which may have devastating effects on human lives. Hence, it  is mandatory to take all possible measures to contain the further spread of corona virus on war footings.

AND WHEREAS, in my opinion there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 144 of “The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898“, as an immediate preventive and speedy remedy and the directions hereinafter appearing are necessary to ensure public safety, conserve lives, and maintain peace and tranquility in the Province of Punjab.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Momin Agha, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Government of the Punjab, in exercise of powers vested in me under Section 144(6) of “The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898” ,do hereby order as follows within the territorial limits of Punjab that.

a). There shall be a complete ban on all within city, Inter-district and inter-province movement of people by all means.

b). There shall also be a complete ban on gatherings of all kinds for social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private.

c). All offices, public and private shall remain closed.

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d). The following shall be exempted from these orders:

  1. Personnel related to Health Services including Hospitals, Laboratories and Medical stores
  2. Personnel related to Law Enforcement Agencies enforcing / implementing this order
  3. Personnel related to Essential Services / Offices going to perform their duties or providing essential services as declared in the later part of this order.
  4. Persons in need of medical care with an attendant where necessary.
  5. Persons going to buy grocery and medicines within the vicinity of their residence.
  6. Necessary / unavoidable religious rites like the last rites, Namaz-e­-Janaza, burial and related events provided that all precautions against spread of disease are taken and a safe distance of 01 meter (03 feet) is maintained between people gathered in small numbers / close family member after prior intimation to SHO of the area.
  7. Any exemption that may be deemed necessary by the Home Deportment.

Following conditions will apply to the persons / establishments given exemption:

a). One person may travel in a private vehicle. In case of medical emergency one attendant may accompany the patient.

b). One person per family may go out to buy essential medicines, grocery, etc. An elderly or handicapped person may be assisted by a driver.

c). Persons on vehicles transporting essential food items, medicines, medical equipment from godowns, farms, mills or factories may be assisted by one helper or cleaner during the transportation.

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d). All persons travelling as exempted must carry CNIC and official card or an authority letter duly signed and stamped by the Head of the concerned department or business concern.

e). AN personnel of the exempted departments must travel and work keeping in view social distance (1 meter / 3 feet) & take safety precautions against the spread of Corona virus.

f). Large departmental stores will only keep their grocery section open while all others sections will
remain closed, They will allow customers to enter stores in smaller groups while fulfilling the condition of social distancing.

g). Al departmental stores will ensure that their grocery trolleys are disinfected after every use.

Exempted Services

a). Utility Companies: WASAs, Municipalities, WAPDA, NTDC, DISCOS and SNGPL

b). Public and Private telecom/cellular companies and their franchises with limited public dealing

c). Call centers with no public dealing

d). Banks (only essential staff) with limited public dealing

e). Defence related manufacturing industries

f). Food items manufacturing industries and distribution offices

g). Health & related services i.e. hospitals, medical stores, laboratories, manufacturers

h). Grocery Stores, General and Convenience Stores.

i). Fish, meat, vegetable / fruit vendors and dairy shops.

j). Dry port operations, Custom Services

k). Petrol pumps and auto-workshops.

I). Fruit, Vegetable, cattle and grain markets (Mandi).

m). Welfare Organizations Edhi & Seylani providing essential services.

n). Media Persons authorized by concerned media houses, newspaper hawkers

o). Any other class as may be deemed essential and so declared by the Government.

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This order shall remain in force in the entire Province of Punjab with effect from 09.00 AM, Tuesday, 24.03.2020 till 09:00 AM, Tuesday, 07.04.2020 unless modified.

This order shall be given wider publicity in official Gazette, Daily Newspapers and broadcasting through Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and other Iv Channels as  news item for information of the general public.

 Punjab Govt Ban on People Movement & Gathering Due to CoronaVirusPunjab Govt Ban

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