Punjab Lockdown Extended Notification 2020

Government of the Punjab, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the official Notification letter on 14th April, 2020 in connection with Punjab lockdown extended notification with complete details.

WHEREAS, the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases is on increase in the Province of Punjab, which poses a serious and imminent threat to public health. Hence, it is mandatory to take all possible safety measures for prevention and control of outbreak of the disease in the Province of Punjab.

AND WHEREAS, in my opinion there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 4(c), 5(e) and (f) of “The Punjab Infectious Diseases (Prevention and Control) Ordinance 2020“, as an immediate preventive and speedy remedy and the directions hereinafter appearing are necessary to ensure public safety, health, control the spread of the virus and conserve lives in the Province of Punjab.

AND WHEREAS, the declaration that the incidence or transmission of COVID-19 disease poses a serious and imminent threat to public health throughout the province of Punjab under section 3(1) of the Ordinance ibid has already been notified after approval of the Chief Minister.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis, Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Government of the Punjab, in exercise of powers vested in me under Sections 4(c), 5(e),5(f)of “The Punjab Infectious Diseases (Prevention and Control) Ordinance 2020”, do, hereby order as follows:

Step By Step Guidelines of Lockdown (Effect from 15th April, 2020)

a). All markets, shopping malls, restaurants, offices (public and private) shall remain closed.

b). There shall be a complete ban on intra city, Inter-district and inter-province movement of people by public transport.

c). There shall be a complete ban on gatherings of all kinds for social, religious congregations, ceremonies, any festival, sports festival, public or private place including homes or any other purpose at any place and operation of all gyms and snooker clubs.

d). There shall be ban on opening of all marriage / banquet halls and marquees, educational institutions (schools, colleges, medical colleges, Technical & Vocational Institutions, universities, tuition centers), Deeni Madaris and holding of examination of all educational institutes being conducted or to be conducted.

e). The following shall be exempted from this order:

  1. Officials of Government department on duty duly notified by respective departments.
  2. Personnel/activities related to law Enforcement Agencies.
  3. Personnel/activities related to Essential Services / Offices going to perform their duties or providing essential services.
  4. Utility Companies: WASAs, Municipalities, WAPDA, NTDC, DISCOs and SNGPL.
  5. Public and Private telecom/mobile phone companies, their franchises, their customer support parts center with skeleton staff ensuring all precautionary measures with limited public dealing and mobile network towers of PTCL, Mobilink / Jazz / Warid, Zong, Ufone and Telenor.
  6. Defence related manufacturing industries and packing facilities.
  7. Microfinance Institutions with only essential staff and with no public dealing.
  8. The Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Central Depository Company of Pakistan, National Clearing Company of Pakistan, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange with minimum essential staff at work place. National Clearing Company of Pakistan, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange with minimum essential staff at work place.
  9. Ehsaas Kafalat Programme and all operations/activities of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Konnect Punjab EKP retailers at identified sites for disbursement of emergency cash assistance under the Ehsaas Kafalat program.
  10. Movement of diplomats and foreign / local skeleton staff of consulate and honorary consulates.
  11. Personnel related to Health Services including Hospitals, Clinics, laboratories, pharmaceuticals factories and Medical
  12. Necessary/unavoidable religious rites like the last rites, Namaz-e-Janaza, burial and related events.
  13. Call centers with 50%staff and no public dealing allowed, e-commerce for export (business process out sourcing, call
    centers) and e-commerce for local delivery companies.
  14. Banks with only essential staff.
  15. Grocery stores, general, karyana stores, bakeries, atta chakkis, milk/dairy shops,chicken & meat / fish shops, fruit &
    vegetable shops and all kinds of mandis including (grain, fruit, cattle and vegetable), tandoors, all auto workshop, Tyre puncture shops, spare parts shops, driver hotels, petrol pumps and oil depots.
  16. Takeaway / Home Delivery from restaurants.
  17. LPG outlets, storage, filling plants and its supply including transportation, distribution, storage.
  18. Postal/courier services,for pick and drop from/at doorsteps and its relevant inter-city, inter-province vehicular movement. with minimum possible staff with the permission for public dealing at offices.
  19. Registered welfare and charitable organizations involved in charity services and free dastarkhwan can provide welfare services with bare minimum staff.
  20. Food items manufacturing industries and distribution offices including flour mills, its supply chain and cash recovery mechanism.
  21. Dry port operations and Custom Services.
  22. Poultry and feed mills (including poultry/animal raw material, rice husk and livestock feed mills)
  23. Manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)and its supply chain including transportation, distribution, storage, printing & packaging.
  24. Manufacturing of wheat packing materials and its supply chain including transportation, distribution, storage, printing & packaging.
  25. Milk and food processing and packaging industries and their supply chain including transportation, distribution, storage, printing & packaging.
  26. Manufacturers of personal hygiene / sanitization and disinfection items e.g. soaps, hand sanitizers,tissue papers, wipes, sprays,disinfectant liquids etc. and their supply chain including transportation, distribution, storage, printing & packaging.
  27. Movement of all exploration and production of oil and gas companies (OGDCL, PPL, UEPL, ENI, MOL, MPCL, KUFPEC, POGC, OPL,OPTL & POL), their sub-contractors, personnel, equipment and vehicles.
  28. Pak Arab Refinery Company Limited (PARCO) and other such companies and their supply chain.
  29. All operations of Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd. (FFCL)and Mari Petroleum Company Ltd. (MPCL)and their contractors including production, transportation, distribution, marketing, storage, labeling, packaging and movement of staff are also allowed.
  30. Movement of essential officers / staff of all fertilizer companies and its marketing office by verifying CNIC and official card.
  31. Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides shops, animal feed dealers and their manufacturers and supply chain.
  32. Tractor / harvester / thresher manufacturers, their dealers, spare parts outlets and ancillary agriculture machinery workshops and all operations/activities of vending industries manufacturing spare parts for tractor industry,with essential staff.
  33. All allied industries linked with pharmaceutical industry including printing press producing unit cartons / outer covers, bottle manufacturers, aluminum foil importers, printing foil industry, bottle cap industry, master carton industry, rubber stopper / vial ampoule importers, capsule shell manufacturing industry & importers and its transport.
  34. All activities relating to soda ash Industries with hard minimum staff.
  35. All activities related to cement manufacturing plants including its supply chain with bare minimum staff.
  36. All services relating to dry cleaners and laundries with maximum one helper ensuring all precautionary measures.
  37. All activities relating to transformer manufacturing industries with bare minimum staff.
  38. Movement of lawyers for court appearances in urgent cases.
  39. Media Persons authorized by Information Department newspaper hawkers.
  40. All activities relating to National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK)with bare minimum staff with no public interaction are allowed to operate.
  41. All activities related to match boxes industries.
  42. Following low risk sectors shall also be exempted:

a. Chemicals industries

b). Software Development, Programming, Tech Support companies

c. Individual shops of electrician, plumber, carpenter & tailors

d. Veterinary services

e. Real Estate and Property Dealer offices

f. Bookshops / stationary (stand-alone shops)

g. Glass manufacturing units

h. Paper & Packaging

i. Horticultural/Botanical Nurseries

j.Mines and minerals

k.Concerns related to road sector and grey structures/buildings (construction sites, brick kilns,Stone quarries, bitumen plants, Pre-fob manufacturers) 

I. Services of Architects and Engineers.

m. Road sector.

Export oriented industries (subject to verification of export orders by TDAP) may be exempted by Divisional Commissioners in consultation with Secretary Industries, Commerce and Investment Department, keeping in view Ministry of Commerce letter dated 9th April, 2020, and ensuring all SOPs issued by the Industries and Commerce Department, Govt. of the Punjab.

Following conditions will apply to the persons / establishments given exemption:

a. Two persons per family may go out to buy essential medicines, grocery, etc. handicapped person may be assisted by two persons along with a driver.(In case of medical emergency, an additional person may accompany).

b. All personnel of the exempted departments must travel and work keeping social distance in view.

c. Large departmental stores will only keep their grocery/pharmacy section open while all others sections will remain closed. They will allow customers to enter stores in smaller groups while fulfilling the condition of social distancing as notified by district administration and police.

d. All departmental stores will ensure that their grocery trollies and public use areas are regularly disinfected.

e. All industries that are allowed to work shall follow guidelines issued by Industries Department

f. Following timings shall be observed:



Grocery stores, karyana stores, departmental  stores (only grocery and fruit / vegetable section),  super markets (only grocery and fruit / vegetable section), meat & fish shops, optician shops, bakeries, pesticides, seeds & fertilizers shops, auto workshops, agriculture machinery workshops, vendors

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Milk Shops, Poultry / Chicken meat shops

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Agriculture machinery workshops and spare parts shops. Petrol Pumps, oil depot, LPG outlets & filling plants, pharmacies, fruit & vegetable shops, tandoors, atta chakkies, postal/courier services, call centers (with 50% staff and no public dealing), all medical services and pharmacies, printing press and take away / home delivery.

Beyond 8 Pm

The order in connection with Punjab lockdown extended notification shall remain in force in the entire Province of Punjab with effect from 12:00 am, Wednesday 15.04.2020 to 12:00 am, Saturday, 25.04.2020 unless modified otherwise.

Punjab Lockdown Extended Notification 2020

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