Punjab PST Teachers Training on Teaching Holy Quran Naazrah

Directorate of Public Instruction DPIEE Punjab has issued the notification on 4th October 2021 in connection with PST Teachers Training on Teaching Holy Quran Naazrah. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board has revised the syllabus of School Education Department under the single national curriculum for the Class-1 to Class-5. Government has planned to completed the Naazrah of Holy Quran within the Class-5th syllabus. The prime responsibility of PST teachers to teacher Holy Quran after the training arranged by QAED. In this regarding, School Education Department is requested to submit the list of interested or suitable teachers who are willing to teach Holy Quran Naazrah from Class-I to Class-V.

Primary School Teachers Training on Teaching on Holy Quran To Students

Kindly refer to School Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab letter No. DD(M)/ Misc-Admn /9/2021 dated 29-09-2021 by Dy. Director (Monitoring) on the subject cited above.

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Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board revised the scheme of studies for teaching of Holy Quan Naazrah on 23-06-2021 and included the subject of Naazrah Quran in Grades I to V as per following schedule.

Grades Distribution of Parahs as “Teaching of Holy Quran Naazrah” Periods Per Weeks For Naazrah Quran Marks Allocation For Nazrah Quran
I Quran Qurani Qaida and last 04 Surah of Holy Quran 03 50
II Parahs 1 & 2 03 50
III Parahs 3 & 8 03 50
IV Parahs 9 to 18 04 50
V Parahs 19 to 30 04 50

In this regard, QAED is planning to impart training to nominated Primary School Teachers, who will teach Holy Quran (Naazrah) to the students of Primary level. QAED has developed the following link for online collection of data from all CEO (DEAs) in Punjab.

You are therefore, directed to submit list of suitable/willing/interested primary level teachers of their respective districts on the above mentioned link and furnish the same in consolidated to this Directorate within 03-DAYS positively.

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Punjab PST Teachers Training on Teaching Holy Quran Naazrah

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