Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan

Ramadan Calendar 2023 is the most sacred month of the Islam and it is observed by the Muslims around the world especially in Pakistan. During this month, Muslims observe fasting from sunrise (Sehri) to sunset (Aftari), abstain from food and drink, and offer prayers and acts of charity. The exact start date of Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the new moon, and therefore, it may vary by one or two days depending on the region. However, according to the Ramadan Calendar in Pakistan 2023 is expected to begin on the evening of Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, and will end on the evening of Friday, 21st April, 2023.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, and fasting. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it requires Muslims to refrain from food, drink, and other physical needs from sunrise to sunset. The month of Ramadan also encourages acts of charity, kindness, and generosity. The Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2023 will provide essential information to the Muslims on when to begin and end their fasts, as well as the timing of the Tarawih prayers. Tarawih is a special prayer that is performed during the month of Ramadan, typically after the Isha prayer.

Ramadan Calendar Pakistan 2023 Timings

The Ramadan Calendar for 2023 will vary depending on where you are located in the Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Multan ,Hyderabad, Islamabad, Quetta, as the start and end of Ramzan are determined by the sighting of the moon. However, it is expected that Ramadan will begin around 23rd March 2023, and will will include 30 days. The exact date of Ramadan will be confirmed closer to the time by the relevant Islamic authorities.

It is essential for Muslims to prepare for Ramadan in advance, both mentally and physically. This involves adjusting sleeping patterns, increasing the intake of water and healthy foods during non-fasting hours, and reflecting on one’s spiritual goals for the month. During Ramadan, it’s important for Muslims to have a Ramadan calendar to keep track of the timings for the daily fast, as well as the timing for the special prayers that are held during this month.

Ramadan Date Day Sehr Iftar
1 23-3-2023 Thursday 05:58 AM 07:46 PM
2 24-3-2023 Friday 05:57 AM 07:47 PM
3 25-3-2023 Saturday 05:55 AM 07:48 PM
4 26-3-2023 Sunday 05:53 AM 07:50 PM
5 27-3-2023 Monday 05:51 AM 07:51 PM
6 28-3-2023 Tuesday 05:49 AM 07:52 PM
7 29-3-2023 Wednesday 05:47 AM 07:53 PM
8 30-3-2023 Thursday 05:45 AM 07:54 PM
9 31-3-2023 Friday 05:43 AM 07:56 PM
10 01-4-2023 Saturday 05:41 AM 07:57 PM
11 02-4-2023 Sunday 05:39 AM 07:58 PM
12 03-4-2023 Monday 05:37 AM 07:59 PM
13 04-4-2023 Tuesday 05:35 AM 08:00 PM
14 05-4-2023 Wednesday 05:33 AM 08:01 PM
15 06-4-2023 Thursday 05:31 AM 08:03 PM
16 07-4-2023 Friday 05:29 AM 08:04 PM
17 08-4-2023 Saturday 05:27 AM 08:05 PM
18 09-4-2023 Sunday 05:25 AM 08:06 PM
19 10-4-2023 Monday 05:23 AM 08:07 PM
20 11-4-2023 Tuesday 05:21 AM 08:09 PM
21 12-4-2023 Wednesday 05:19 AM 08:10 PM
22 13-4-2023 Thursday 05:17 AM 08:11 PM
23 14-4-2023 Friday 05:15 AM 08:12 PM
24 15-4-2023 Saturday 05:13 AM 08:13 PM
25 16-4-2023 Sunday 05:11 AM 08:15 PM
26 17-4-2023 Monday 05:09 AM 08:16 PM
27 18-4-2023 Tuesday 05:07 AM 08:17 PM
28 19-4-2023 Wednesday 05:05 AM 08:18 PM
29 20-4-2023 Thursday 05:03 AM 08:19 PM
30 21-4-2023 Friday 05:01 AM 08:20 PM

A typical Ramadan calendar includes the following;

Sehri and Iftar Timings:

Sehri is the pre-dawn meal that Muslims have before they begin their fast, and Iftar is the meal that they have to break their fast at sunset. The Ramadan calendar lists the exact timing for both of these meals, which varies depending on the region.

Taraweeh Prayer Timings:

Taraweeh is a special prayer that Muslims perform after the Isha prayer during Ramadan. It’s a voluntary prayer, but it’s highly recommended, and many Muslims try to attend the Taraweeh prayer at their local masajids. The Ramadan calendar lists the exact timing for Taraweeh prayers, which may vary from one mosque to another.

Quran Recitation Schedule:

Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadan, and therefore, many try to recite the entire Quran during this month. The Ramadan calendar includes a schedule for Quran recitation, which helps Muslims to complete their recitation within the month.

Acts of Charity:

Ramadan is a month of giving, and many Muslims engage in acts of charity during this time. The Ramadan calendar may include a list of recommended acts of charity, such as feeding the poor or donating to a charitable organization.

In conclusion, Ramadan is a special month for Muslims, and having a Ramadan calendar helps them to keep track of their daily activities during this month. The Ramadan calendar Pakistan 2023 is expected to begin on 23rd March 2023, and will be completed on 21st April 2023. May this Ramadan be a blessed and peaceful month for all Muslims around the world.

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Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan

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