Ramzan Contingency Plan 2020

Directorate General Industries, Prices, Weights & Measures, Punjab has issued the official Notification letter on 17th April, 2020 in connection with preparation of Ramzan contingency plan 2020 in the back drop of Covid-19 without establishing Ramzan Bazars.

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to inform that the competent authority has desired to prepare Ramadan contingency plans related to Holy Month of Ramzan without Ramzan Bazaars in the back drop of Covid-19 for relief of general masses containing the following objects:

  1. Minimum collective physical indirection
  2. Strict measures to ensure stable supply / prices of essential items
  3. Sufficient No. of officers be notified as Price Control Magistrate to make maximum raids against overcharging specially iftar timing.
  4. Monitoring of auction process in the market committees for fixation of rational prices.
  5. To ensure SOPs for prevention of Corona Spread
  6. Cleanliness situation in market committees
  7. Traffic plans during Sehar & Iftar timings
  8. Quality of Food items
  9. Accurate Weights & Measures

The said Ramzan contingency plan 2020 completed in all aspects shall reach this office 10:00 AM by 19th April, 2020 positively through email: pricesboard@gmail.com

 Ramzan Contingency Plan 2020

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