Rationalization of Teachers in Punjab 2019

Rationalization of Teachers in Punjab 2019

Following are the key points while performing Rationalization of Teachers.

• Shifting of surplus staff to the schools deficient in staff.

• Address ‘complaints -regarding shortage of staff.

• Ensure quality education without extra financial burden.

• To give a reasonable workload to every teacher and to ensure a feasible
enrollment for each school.

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• There will be a policy of single teacher for Nursery and class-I even if enrollment of these classes is up to 50 per class. For additional teacher the enrollment of Class-U to Class-V shall be counted.

• Student Teacher Ratio 1 : 40

• Elementary School up to enrollment of 135 for Class VI to VIII shall be considered single section school. A single section Elementary School cannot retain more than the following staff;

• SST/Head Teacher (only for file, School) =01

• EST (PET) =01

• ESTs (AT/OT) =01

• ESTs (Science/SV/Eng/General/Arts) =03

• In a single section school of 9th and 10th class, SSTs will be provided with the following break-up:

• SST (Computer Science} 01

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• SSTs (Science/Math-phy/Bio-Chem) 01

• SST (Arts/English) 02

• At least one SST (Sc) should be provided to every single section High School.

• In case of more than one section SST (Sc) may be provided as per criteria.

• Preferably the subject of General Science should be taught by the SSTs (Science) where available subject to work load.

• Vacant posts of SST (Arts) shall be converted into SST (Math-Phy / Bio-Chem/ Eng) on need basis.

• The post of IT- Teacher/SST (Computer Science) shall not Be rationalized.

• Additional SSTs will be calculated@11/ 2 SSTs per section of 45 students.

• If enrollment of the school is more than 1000, one additional post of PET may be provided through rationalization

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• High / Higher Secondary schools will retain the Class-IV employees on the basis of enrollment with the following break-up:

• Enrollment upto 500 – 5

• Enrollment upto 1000 – 7

• Enrollment upto 1500 – 9

• Enrollment above 1500 – 11

• First of all, shift the vacant post s which are surplus, to the schools which are deficient in staff, in descending order of enrollment.

• In case of shifting of a post with incumbent, preference will be given to the willing incumbent in respective category of post.

• In case of non-willing, the junior most incumbent on seniority basis of respective category of the post will be shifted with post.

• In case of shifting if two or more persons want to be adjusted in the same school then the senior most among them will get preference.

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