Rationalization Policy for Teachers Finalized

Rationalization Policy for Teachers Finalized

The Government of the Punjab has finalized the rationalization policy for teachers. Teachers transfers will be made based on this policy. According to the rationalization policy, a minimum of 3 teachers shall be made available in each primary school across the province.

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The transfer and appointment of over 400,000 teachers in the province shall be made in 48 thousands schools in the province. In middle schools, minimum of 5 to 7 teachers shall be appointment for each section out of which teacher for drawing will be compulsory.

The policy is designed to give a reasonable workload to every teacher and to ensure a feasible enrollment for each school. Hence the surplus staff of the schools will be shifted to the schools with deficient staff. A sing teacher will be appointed for Nursery and class-I of classes with enrollment up to 50.

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For high schools, one IT teacher will be appointed with four other senior teachers. The new policy might be announced today in a ceremony to be held in Islamabad.

Major Features of Rationalization policy 

Major Features of Rationalization policy 

Student Teacher Ratio will be 1 : 40

A single teacher will be appointed for Nursery and class-I of classes with enrollment up to 50.

Elementary School up to enrollment of 135 for Class VI to VIII shall be considered single section school.

A single section Elementary School cannot retain more than the following staff;

SST/Head Teacher (only for file, School) =01

EST (PET) =01

ESTs (AT/OT) =01

ESTs (Science/SV/Eng/General/Arts) =03

In a single section school of 9th and 10th class, SSTs will be provided with the following break-up:

SST (Computer Science} 01

SSTs (Science/Math-phy/Bio-Chem) 01

SST (Arts/English) 02

At least one SST (Sc) should be provided to every single section High School.

In case of more than one section SST (Sc) may be provided as per criteria.

Rationalization of female teachers

Preferably the subject of General Science should be taught by the SSTs (Science) where available subject to work load.

Vacant posts of SST (Arts) shall be converted into SST (Math-Phy / Bio-Chem/ Eng) on need basis.

The post of IT- Teacher/SST (Computer Science) shall not Be rationalized.

Additional SSTs will be calculated@11/2 SSTs per section of 45 students.

If enrollment of the school is more than 1000, one additional post of PET may be provided through rationalization

Rationalization Policy Teachers

High / Higher Secondary schools will retain the Class-IV employees on the basis of enrollment with the following break-up:

Enrollment upto 500: Maximum 05

Enrollment upto 100: Maximum 07

Enrollment upto 1500: Maximum 09

Enrollment above 1500: 11

Transfer of Teachers policy under Rationalization

First of all, shift the vacant post s which are surplus, to the schools which are deficient in staff, in descending order of enrollment.

In case of shifting of a post with incumbent, preference will be given to the willing incumbent in respective category of post.

In case of non-willing, the junior most incumbent on seniority basis of respective category of the post will be shifted with post.

In case of shifting if two or more persons want to be adjusted in the same school then the senior most among them will get preference

Transfer of Teachers policy under Rationalization

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