Registration of Adopted Child

If you want to know the procedure and rules for the registration of adopted child in jail according to the Punjab Local Government (Registration of Births and Deaths) Rules 2021, “The Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary) May 31, 2021”

Birth Registration of An Adopted Child

The guardian appointed by the court may submit an application on Form-A for registration of birth along with the following documents:

Documents Required For Adopted Child Birth Registration:

  1. certified copy of guardianship certificate; (b) copy of CNIC of the guardian, and
  2. two recent photographs of child.

The application for registration shall be made within thirty days after the issuance of the guardianship certificate. In case, thirty days have elapsed, then the procedure laid down in rule 4 for registration shall be applicable.

In the column of remarks in Form-A1 (Child Registration Form), the name of the court which issued the decree along with the date of decision shall be written whereas in the column of parentage the name of the real father shall be written.

The registration office of the concerned local government shall issue a certificate on the order of the Assistant Director within five days. Entry shall be made in red ink in the concerned register.

Registration of Adopted Child

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