Regularization of Senior Clerks S&GAD Punjab from Joining Date

Government of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD) has issued the official Notification letter on 19 September, 2019 in the matter of regularization of Senior Clerks S&GAD Punjab from date of joining.

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No.SOP-II(S&GAD)14(2649)/09. In compliance with the order of Punjab Service Tribunal, Lahore dated 06.03.2019 In appeal Nos.4364/2018 to 4371/2018 and order of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 29.07.2019 In CPLA Nos.1657-L to 1664-L of 2019, the services of following Senior Clerks appointed In S&GAD as Junior clerks, through Punjab Public Service Commission In 2006, whose services have been regularized on 14.10.2009, are hereby regularized with effect from the dates of their initial contract appointments mentioned against each:-


Name with Percentage Date of Joining

Present Place of Posting


Rana Athar Rafique S/O Rana M.Rafique 15-01-2006 HUD & PHE Department
2 Mr. Jamshaid AnwarMalik S/O M Anwar Malik 13-01-2006

Chief Minister’s Office Punjab


Mr. Ikram Sajid S/O Allah Ditta 27-01-2006 Chief Minister’s Office Punjab
4 Mr. Muhammad Saeed S/O Muhammad Riaz 31-01-2006

School Education Department


Mr. Zaheer-ud-Din S/O Bashir-ud-Din 21-01-2006 Finance Department


Mr. Ikhlaq Yaqoob S/O Yaqoob Ahmad 14-01-2006

Communication & Works Department


Mr. Amir Abdullah Malik S/O Malik Misree 14-01-2006 Communication & Works Department
8 Mr. Asad Abbas S/O Ghulam Muhammad 23-01-2006

Chief Minister’s Office Punjab


Regularization of Senior Clerks S&GAD Punjab from Joining Date

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