Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Libraries

Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit, Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter on 16th December, 2019 in connection with extension of facilitation towards consultancy firm hired for rehabilitation and revitalization of libraries under DFID grant-fund.

With reference to the subject noted above and to state that an agreement has already been executed between DFID and Government of the Punjab by the name of Punjab School Construction and rehabilitation programme. (P-SCRP)

The Government of the Punjab is in receipt of funding from the Department of International Development (DFID) in the form of grant-in-aid for the purpose of helping schools of the Punjab to restore their educational infrastructure and quality of education, following are three components of the said programme:

(i). School Classroom Construction

(ii). Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Sciences, Computer Labs and Libraries

(iii). 100 model Schools

For this purpose, a consultancy firm has been hired by the name of “Quarks & BHMS” to implement the second component i.e. “rehabilitation and revitalization of libraries” in selected schools.

As per the notification of Punjab Government, schools are due to be closed on 20th December, 2019, for Winter Vacations. Due to the stringent deadlines of the project, you are directed to extend facilitation towards the conduction of the needs assessment of each selected school in your district during winter break 2019-20 as well.

Kindly assign a person from each school. to extend cooperation during the holidays. Accordingly, you are therefore, requested to direct your DEOs and Dy. DEOs as well as concerned Heads of the Institutions to extend facilitation / cooperation to the said firm and assist them in successful implementation of the said project component in selected schools.


Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Libraries

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