Release of Accused/Convict Persons on Bail to Avoid Spread of CoronaVirus

Lahore High Court has issued the official judgement on 26th March, 2020 in connection with release of accused/convict persons on bail to avoid spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

In the wake of prevailing situation, the rapid spread of CoronaVirus the Hon’ble Authority has been pleased to desire that the Superintendents of the concerned jails shall move bail applications (fresh or second as the case may be) of the Prisoners of following categories:-

(i). Under-Trial prisoners of offences, providing less than seven years imprisonment;

(ii). Convicts with imprisonment of less than seven years;

(iii). Under-Trial prisoners of offences not falling with in prohibitory clause;

(iv). Under-Trial prisoners of offences providing imprisonment of ten years or above;

(v). Under Trial juvenile accused persons;

(vi). Juvenile Convicts;

(vii). Under-Trial Women, and

(viii). Convict Women

The Superintendents of the jail shall move such applications of the prisoners (with their concurrence) undergoing sentence of less than seven years directly to the District & Sessions Judge concerned. Upon receipt of such applications, D&SJ shall entrust the same to the concerned trial court/Duty Judge for appropriate orders.

release of accusedconvict persons on bail to avoid spread of CoronaVirus

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