Request For House Requisition in Monthly Salary

Office of the Accountant General, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued the official notification on 14th July 2021 in connection with the request for house requisition in monthly salary. The further details are given below;

House Subsidy or House Requisition in Monthly Salaries of KPK Employees

I am directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to enclose herewith a self explanatory application of some officers of this office on the subject issue requesting for inclusion of payment of house subsidy/ requisition along with monthly salary.

The request merits for change in policy on the ground that in case of non-payment/ delay in payments to owners due to non-availability of budget results legal lawsuits from owners which create problem for the employees.

Furthermore, the practice of monthly rental payment in salary is already in vogue in various federal departments like FIA, NAB. and Ministry of Interior (Salary slips attached).

The office of the Controller General of Accounts is, therefore, requested to take up the matter with the Finance Division, and Ministry of Housing and Works for favorable consideration.

Request For House Requisition in Monthly Salary

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