Request For Increase in Pension by 25 Percent

Request For Increase in Pension by 25 Percent

Federal cabinet has approved salary increase by 25 percent in basic pay of government employees while employees of provincial governments will also get the benefit of enhancement.

It is painful that while increasing salaries, federal government altogether ignored plight of pensioners. Practice has been that raise in pay and pension occurs simultaneously. But for the first time, present government dealt the issue indiscriminately.

Instead, pensioners deserve to be considered preferentially as they have spent active years of their lives in the service. Pensions could not be increased in last budget. On the other, prices of daily needs soared too high and rates of gas, petrol, electricity, etc. have upwardly been revised again and again.

It is therefore, requested that the present disparity reduction relief of 25 percent granted to in-service employees may also be allowed to pensioners on take-home pensions.

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