Revised LND Model School Education Department Punjab

Revised LND Model School Education Department Punjab

These are the details on revised LND model shared by Saima Khalid , go through this and work with the AEOs accordingly. Ask AEOs to watch these videos and ensure that LND focus is shifted from mere assessments to improving Teaching of “Literacy and Numeracy” in the classrooms.

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Lesson Plans, SLOs and Reflective Notes

LND videos for AEOs

LND videos for Teachers

LND Videos for Schools – YouTube

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To understand role of AEOs, they should watch

AEOs – Orientation to LND

AEOs as mentor

To understand revised LND, they should watch:

Introduction to LND

LitNum Hour Routine 1

LitNum Hour Routine 2

LND Monthly Assessment

SIX SLOs will be assessed for each subject in each month. (Total : 18 SLOs). Each SLO will be responded thrice, hence altogether 54 responses will be collected from 7 students of each class. Hence each student should be able to attempt all types of questions.

Out of Six, 4 SLOs are taken from Grade 2 and 2 are taken from Grade 3 that must have been taught 2 months ago according to the academic calendar. After 24 hours of assessment, schools can access feedback through SIS website that will highlight SLOs that need improvement along with a video that can help teachers to understand the SLO and improve their teaching.

The results will be merged for all 3 subjects to be incorporated in district ranking, along with assessment, MEAs will observe the following:

Are lesson plans available for LITNUM in the classroom? If yes:

Is LitNum Hour routine is displayed in the classroom?

Is story/poems mentioned in the lesson plan available in the class?

Are key words displayed for English/Urdu/Math in the classroom?

Are there introduction to LITNUM hour/SLO documents available in the classroom?

Do teachers write reflective notes? (Given on SIS website)

Do the students have new word booklet for English and Urdu?

If Yes, are any words written in the booklet?

In the upcoming months, schools will be asked to organize reading/mathematics competitions as well such as maximum number of stories in Urdu/English read by students or puzzles solved by them etc.

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