Revised Workflow For GP Fund Payments 2021

Accountant General Punjab has issued the official notification on 2nd august 2021 in connection with the revised workflow for GP Fund payments 2021. The further details are given below;

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Notification of Revised GP Fund Payments 2021

It has been observed that GP Fund subscribers/ employees of the Government of Punjab have been facing a lot of problems while getting advance and Final Payment of GPF cases. Keeping in view the hardship of the subscribers, some new SOPs with the following workflow for Advances and Final Payments shall be followed at Main Office and in all District Accounts Offices with immediate effect till further orders. These SOPs are being issued in addition SOPs circulated vide letter No. Computer Coord/BPR-GPF WORKFLOW/CD-1588 Dated: 30.04.2013.

The manual processing of GPF Rolls had been discontinued and all the payments shall continue to be made through GPF off cycle to be executed as per schedule issued by DG MIS vide letter No. Comp; Coord/circular/Payroll Period control/CD-388, dated: March 09, 2018 (on Every Monday) before execution of regular payroll.


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In order to process the cases expeditiously, the practice of issuing GPF authority and then receiving Change Forms separately will be discontinued henceforth and the Change Forms for G P Fund Advances / Final Payment will be received alongwith Sanction Order / GPF 10 Form issued and forwarded by the competent authority simultaneously to process the case in a single step. If, however, the amount of authority issued by AG/DAOs is less than the claim (amount of Change Form), the bill will be passed for less amount as per authority issued.

The confirmation of old G P Fund balances pertaining to the period prior to 01.05.2013 is required may be carried out accordingly from the concerned Accounts Office. However, there is no need of confirmation, verification of the period falling after 01.05.2013, as the data relating to GP Fund balances after that date can be verified from SAP generated GPF Re-Calculation Sheet.


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The verification of GPF Re-Calculation Sheet may be run by the concerned Sectional Incharge after updation of balances in SAP to ensure transparency and correctness in the G P Fund accounts of the subscribers.

As the balances are available on the SAP system, GPF Re-Calculation Sheet showing the updated balance of a G P Fund subscriber of the Government of the Punjab can be used for processing of G P Fund advance/ Final Payment cases. There is no need of printing ledger cards as the G P Fund deductions are being recorded in the SAP system. On transfer of an employee from one station to the other, the concerned Accounts Office will issue a Last Pay Certificate.

Revised Workflow For GP Fund Payments 2021

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