Revision of Utility Allowance for Officers/Officials District Judiciary Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued the official Notification letter on 30th July, 2020 in connection with revision of utility allowance for officers/officials District Judiciary Punjab.

Notification of Utility Allowance 2020 Judiciary

In continuation of this department’s letters No FD SR-1/9-1/99 dated 13-8-2008, No FD SR-1/9-1/99(P), dated 01-09-2009 and No FD.SR-1/9-1/99(P), dated 03-10-2009, the Competent Authority i.e. Chief Minister, Punjab under Article 240(b) of the Constitution has been pleased to revise the rates of Utility Allowance in favour of officers / officials of the District Judiciary in the Punjab w e f 01-07-2020 as under;

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SNo. Designation/BPS Current Rate of Utility Allowance (Rs.) Revise Rate of Utility Allowance (Rs.)
1 BPS-01 To BPS-06 3,000 6,000
2 BPS-07 To BPS-08 4,000 6,000
3 BPS-09 To BPS-14 4,0008 8,000
4 BPS-15 4,000 10,000
5 BPS-16 4,000 14,000
6 BPS-17 5,000 15,000
7 BPS-18 5,000 20,000
8 BPS-19 8,000 25,000
9 BPS-20 & Above 8,000 30,000

Revision of Utility Allowance for OfficersOfficials District Judiciary Punjab

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